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Sebastian Jarfelt is no longer part of Kill the Kong. There have been musical differences between us for some time, so we have for that reason made this tough decision. There is no bad blood between us and we want to thank Sebastian who we share a lot of great memories and experiences with, and we wish him all the best in the future.

The remaining six of us will continue to move forward, and we are from this day looking for a new member to join Timo as the second lead vocalist. All our booked shows will happen as planned with a stand-in vocalist until we have found the new vocalist.

We are, as we speak, in the process of writing new material. This gives us an opportunity to stir the pot. To experiment with the combo of the new vocalist and Timo, to find something special. We are looking for someone with range in their voice and you must have a relentless passion for performing live.

Kill the Kong continues in the same spirit, with passion and dedication, that has driven us since the start. This is what we live for.

Exciting times ahead!

To submit to the audition process, email

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